General meeting season review
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Tuesday 27 October 2020, 11am – 12pm 


D.F. King and Orient Capital join us for a third year to present their review of the 2020 AGM season. This webcast will include results and highlights across various UK and EU markets, along with the impact of Covid-19. Panellists will also be discussing corporate governance trends expected for the 2021 AGM season among other key topics concerning the Board.

Alison Owers

Speaker: Alison Owers,

Global CEO & Director, Orient Capital & D.F. King
David Chase Lopes

Speaker: David Chase Lopes,

Managing Director EMEA at D.F. King
Maureen Beresford

Speaker: Maureen Beresford,

Head of Corporate Governance, Reporting and Governance Division, FRC
Sacha Sadan

Speaker: Sacha Sadan,

Director of Investment Stewardship LGIM
Sophie L’Helias

Speaker: Sophie L’Helias,

Founder & President of LeaderXXchange

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