Master Investor 2018
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Session 2

Panel session: ‘The Future of Marijuana: Opportunities + Challenges


Antonio Costanzo -Head of International Development, Nuuvera
Ed Mcdermott - Director, FastForward Innovations
Steve Moore - Executive Director, Volteface

Session 3

Fidelity International: ‘Investment strategies for a more challenging market’


Following a year of positive markets and low volatility, 2018 could provide a bumpier but still rewarding ride. That’s bound to create a wealth of opportunity for smart investors. Tom Stevenson highlights the key themes that he expects to drive investment returns this year and suggests the best way for investors to profit from them.

Presenter: Tom Stevenson, Investment Director for Personal Investing, Fidelity International

Session 4

Budapest Stock Exchange and Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency


Presenters: Daniel Kormoczi, Deputy CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange and Róbert Ésik, President, Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency

Session 5

QuotedData Panel Session: Investment Companies – why are they the largest and fastest growing sector in the stock market?


Led by QuotedData CEO Edward Marten, the panel will examine why Investment Companies are one of the fastest growing sectors in the stock market, but remain one of the least known. Informative, lively discussion is guaranteed, rounding the day off with a bang.